Preschool Screenings

Preschool girls work on puzzles in class.

District 70 offers preschool screenings to all children within D70 boundaries including those families interested in our D70 Little Sprouts Preschool program. The screening is not a full and detailed evaluation of your child but a tool that provides a worthwhile diagnostic assessment of your child's development in the areas of motor, language, concepts, social-emotional development. 

The District 70 preschool screenings are for children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old and are interested in our Little Sprouts preschool program.  The developmental screening includes assessment in the areas of motor, language, concepts, and social-emotional development. The screening provides the early childhood team with valuable information to determine if a child’s skills are developing within typical range or further assessment is warranted.  Screenings are held at Butterfield School 1441 Lake St.


"We can't speak highly enough of the new EC Blended preschool.  Our son was in the regular Early Childhood preschool last year at Butterfield and he made such great progress within the program that he was able to "transition" to the new EC Blended program this year.  

He is one of the handful of students in the class with an IEP.  He is thriving this year and it has been a great transition for him going into Kindergarten in the fall. The teachers and paras are fantastic! We love that the kids can do group lessons for speech, social work and OT.  

It makes my son feel confident when he is getting his services with his friends in his class. We only wish this program had been around when my older son was in preschool, as we would definitely have sent him there.”  

-Blended Classroom Parent, IEP Student


Information on Preschool Screenings